1. Qualifications
    Age 21+ Older Single or Legally Married Must be US citizens or legal resident All adults in the home must pass a background checks Homes need to be clean and in good repair
  2. Be The Light
    Children in foster care come from all backgrounds. Most share a background of abuse and neglect. You have the ability to make a significant difference in a child's life. In their world of unfortunate circumstances and darkness, heed the call to be the light.
  3. How to start
    Join our team of professionals in creating an atmosphere of love and security. Send us an email at info@lighthouseut.com and one of our family youth consultants will be in touch with you.
Make a difference in a child's life
The Light House was created to improve the lives of children placed in foster care through the positive influence of loving, compassionate, and qualified foster/proctor and adoptive families. Children are our future, and at The Light House our philosophy is to do all that we can to strengthen, shape, and prepare our children today, to ensure a successful tomorrow. Our ideology is encompassed in our name, The Light House.

            Light – We believe that children are born with an innate light. At The Light House we seek to provide a guiding light, attracting their light, to lead them towards a brighter future. It is not only our goal to enrich the lives of the children entrusted to us, we also seek to enlighten and enhance the families’ lives in which they are placed.

            House – A house becomes a home by the kind, tender feelings that can be felt within its four walls. At the Light House we seek to provide children with homes filled with love, safety, and an environment that fosters growth in all aspects of a child’s life. 

            The Light House – Shines a light in a child’s world, which can be darkest during this time. Foster kids come from every part of the state  in every race, religion, and socio-economic group. In too many instances, their parent have tunresolved substance abuse issues. They can be new borns toddlers and teenagers. We seek to provide a beacon of hope, a hope on which they can rely to weather life’s storms. At the Light House, we’ve created a safe haven structured to encourage a child’s spirit the freedom to grow to fruition.

            We understand that each child’s situation is unique for necessitating foster care. Whether it is due to an abusive background, a child’s past trauma influencing uncontrollable disruptive behavior, a parent’s inability to adequately provide care, a voluntary surrendering of guardianship, or whatever the case may be, it is our goal at The Light House to meet each child’s unique needs. 


One day I stopped looking for the light and decided to become one"